Me pretending to look over my vast sea of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

If you’d like to book a lesson with me, take one of my workshops, grab a social dance, watch me perform, or just say hello, this is where you can find me for the next several months! My Upcoming Events list is below.

Also, as a traveling dance instructor, I make most of my living through private lessons and through my brand of dance shirts, Feather Three. If you’d like to support me, I’d recommend either of those channels! Or, if you’d like to book me for a workshop weekend or similar, please reach out on Facebook Messenger! 🙂

If I’m not specified for a certain weekend it’s likely open or I’m in Austin, TX, where I’m currently based.

Fall & Winter 2019 Upcoming Events

Winter and Spring 2020

  • Jan 16-19: Swing Resolution, Scotland. Teaching, judging, performing!
  • Jan 24-26: Municorn, Germany. Performing, dancing, etc!
  • Jan 31- Feb 2: Paris Westie Fest. Dancing, performing, enjoying!
  • Feb 7-9: Swingtzerland. Performing, enjoying, eating chocolate.

  • May 28-31: Michigan Classic. Teaching, judging, performing, etc!

After this, I’ll start my planned European tour. 😀 Check back for details on this soon! 🙂

Again, if you’d like to schedule something with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Currently the best way to reach me is via Facebook Messenger.