Me pretending to look over my vast sea of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

What an interesting place to find ourselves in, looking at upcoming events when the future is so uncertain.

As is probably obvious to most who will read this, Covid-19 has ripped the guts out of much of the dance industry, leaving us disoriented and gasping for breath on the grassy patch next to the sidewalk of life. We don’t know when dance will be back, much less what it will look like when it returns.

This is all to say that: I have little clue what my true upcoming events will be!

Putting much on this page seems foolish at the current time (September of 2020) so I’m going to leave it blank for now. I hope to be able to add events back onto my schedule in soon, but for now I’m not optimistic about dance happening in a meaningful way anytime before mid 2021.

Until then, I wish you nothing but the best, truly.

In the mean time, find me on Instagram or submit a video for review via Westie Pro! Also, I created a brand of dance shirts, Feather Three, which you might like. If you’d like to support me, I’d recommend either of those channels!

If you are a dance promoter, when things start coming back and you’d like to discuss booking me for a workshop weekend or something similar, please reach out on Facebook Messenger! 🙂

I miss seeing and dancing with you all.

– Joel