Me pretending to look over my vast sea of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Updated May 30, 2023

Here’s the plan for the next couple of months:

2023 Events:


  • June 14 Westie Groove in San Diego, CA
  • June 17-19 Workshops in Grants Pass, Oregon






If none of these work for you, try submitting a video for review or asking for a virtual lesson! Works best to reach out via facebook Messenger. 🙂 Also, I created a brand of dance shirts, Feather Three, which you might like. If you’d like to support me, I’d recommend either of those channels!

If you are a dance promoter, when things start coming back and you’d like to discuss booking me and my wonderful partner Chantelle Pianetta for a workshop weekend or something similar, please reach out on Facebook Messenger! 🙂

I am excited to dance with you soon!

– Joel