Meditation for Ballroom – a Dance of the Mind

Meditation. If your associations with that word amount to incense, crystals, or robed figures in monasteries, allow me to bend your ear. I do not promise enlightenment, only an effective tool to aid your dancing and–hopefully–your life. I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for the several months now, and what I’ve learned through experience and research is […]

Experiments in Ketosis

Eggs, fried in coconut oil, make for an excellent ketosis friendly breakfast!

“Would you like a fat-bomb?” I ask my housemate and long-time friend Hannah. “Sure! What is it?” “Cream cheese, wrapped in bacon” “Aren’t you on a diet or something?” “Yup, this is it!” I wasn’t lying. The ketogenic diet, which I’ve been experimenting with for the past two weeks, has had fascinating effects. I’d like […]

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

I cringe a little in my seat as my top line wavers yet again on the laptop screen. Keep working on frame, goes at the bottom of my ever-growing to-do list of dance. I queue up the foxtrot and prepare to write on a new line. I’m never advancing as quickly as I’d like, and every […]