A picture from before I even had a phone with apps on it!

Limiting Social Media

A few days ago I deleted my social media apps. I didn’t delete the accounts, just the apps on my phone. Why? A few reasons. Primarily, I want to get my focus back. During this quarantine I’ve found myself more glued to social media than ever before. I compulsively refresh my feeds at every moment …

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A ballroom dancer's bookshelf


I’ve been thinking about my bookshelf for the past few days. For Valentine’s Day my girlfriend got me not one, but two books. They were both Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. One is for my place, the other is for hers. The idea is we can read them together, take notes, and become better …

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ballroom carbon footprint

The Carbon Footprint of Ballroom

After my recent trip to Thailand, where I studied tiger conservation and related issues, I became interested in conservation as it relates to ballroom. Global overcrowding and demand for resources increasingly push people into marginal land areas, while poachers and poor hunters continue to over-exploit the few resources tigers have left. Though seemingly far removed …

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