Meditation for Ballroom – a Dance of the Mind

Meditation. If your associations with that word amount to incense, crystals, or robed figures in monasteries, allow me to bend your ear. I do not promise enlightenment, only an effective tool to aid your dancing and–hopefully–your life. I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for the several months now, and what I’ve learned through experience and research is […]

A West Coast Anecdote

Not West Coast Swing, but a good picture none the less.

It’s 4:30 a.m. and the beat is still pounding from the speakers next to the dance floor. I thank my current partner and make a beeline for another, and as the music starts and we begin to dance west coast swing, the wave of tired hits me. We finish the dance and I head for […]

A Sorry Response

Oops, sorry!

“Well, I’m sorry you had to experience that,” she says as the song ends and we prepare to part ways. We’ve just had a fun foxtrot, a little rough around the footwork edges, but overall quite enjoyable. “No, no, no, that was great!” I respond. She shakes her head at the floor and turns away; […]

Making Active Mistakes

Making active mistakes on the dancefloor

How comfortable are you with your dancing? I’m not speaking in terms of reviewing your competition footage and feeling good about yourself; I’m asking about your experience within your own body as you dance. Are you complacent? In ballroom, and in life more generally, there are two types of mistakes: passive and active. We want […]

Take a Break

take a break

After two and a half months in Kenya, I’m back! That also means I’ve had a two-and-a-half-month break from dancing. Uh-oh. That’s bad, right? Nope! 5 Reasons to Take a Break: 5. Passion for Partnership The work is long, bent over the 1.5-million-year-old soils all day in the equatorial heat. Sometimes, as today, I like […]