On Digital Dancing

One interesting effect of the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has been the sudden switch to online platforms for 90% of dance activities. From intensives to skype lessons, the world has moved digital. That’s pretty cool in a lot of ways. I’m also not a fan of it for myself. I risk sounding like a Debbie-downer here, […]

Drills: You Need More of Them

Drills make me happy!

Here’s a slice of truth pie: You’re probably not doing enough drills. To clarify, when I say ‘you,’ I’m talking to both the literal you, my reader, and the figurative you that I use when I’m trying to self-coach. Like, “Joel, get your sh-… stuff together and do what you need to do!” Drills = […]

Expectations: Killing you Softly

Expectations killing you softly

“They’re here!” Your pulse quickens and a tingle thrills down your spine as your favorite pro puts their dance bag down and casually gets out their shoes. You’re equal parts starstruck, mortified, and excited. A plan quickly develops: First, you’ll grab a partner so that you can dance in their vicinity. You know, get on […]