Hi, I’m Joel. I like to dance. You probably already knew that.

What you may not know is that I started dancing in the fall of 2012 with the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club during my freshman year there. Quickly swept away by the challenge and fun of dance, I haven’t stopped since. In April 2017 I finished 3rd in Prechamp Rhythm at amateur nationals, my highest placement ever, of which I am proud.

Along the way I’ve also become a dedicated West Coast Swing dancer, currently competing in the Intermediate division (though I hope to soon change that!) and enjoying dances with many people from around the country.

My school background is in anthropology, with a focus on physical and biological anthropology, especially human anatomy. You’ll probably see this throughout my articles.

I’m also an avid adventurer and traveler, looking for my next destination to hike or climb.

Read some of what I have to say. If you like any of it, let me know.

I’ll see you out on the dance floor!