A Dance Vignette

a snapshot of me at a dance competition from 2013

Cleaning my closet the other day (what else are you going to do during the quarantine?) I found a trove of my old writings. It was a tiny bit inspiring and mostly mortifying. What follows is a vignette I wrote in 2013. It’s about 90% accurate to what actually happened, with just a hint of […]

On Digital Dancing

One interesting effect of the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has been the sudden switch to online platforms for 90% of dance activities. From intensives to skype lessons, the world has moved digital. That’s pretty cool in a lot of ways. I’m also not a fan of it for myself. I risk sounding like a Debbie-downer here, […]

The Corona Opportunity

an opportunity to imagine what coronavirus might look like under a microscope

So, here’s the thing: Coronavirus sucks.  We know this, it’s all anyone can talk about right now. You probably already know, but on the off chance you haven’t: get thee to some social distancing. Yes, right now. No, being young and unlikely to die from this does not excuse you. If you haven’t been convinced […]

Books I Read in 2019

books on floor

Today I’m talking about books. It’s not because I want to brag (that’s just a nice side-effect) about the titles I’ve read, but because enough friends have asked me about what I’ve been reading this year that it seemed like a good idea to write it all out, both to make sure I wasn’t forgetting […]