Books I Read in 2019

books on floor

Today I’m talking about books. It’s not because I want to brag (that’s just a nice side-effect) about the titles I’ve read, but because enough friends have asked me about what I’ve been reading this year that it seemed like a good idea to write it all out, both to make sure I wasn’t forgetting […]

Morning Routine: Run ,Yoga, and Journal

My morning routine involves running!

I’m always curious about how successful people get their edge. What habits and routines make them successful? I’m especially interested in morning routines, as these seem to be some of the most consistent across high-performers. After reading about many people’s habits in Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors (both by author Tim Ferriss) I […]

Drills: You Need More of Them

Drills make me happy!

Here’s a slice of truth pie: You’re probably not doing enough drills. To clarify, when I say ‘you,’ I’m talking to both the literal you, my reader, and the figurative you that I use when I’m trying to self-coach. Like, “Joel, get your sh-… stuff together and do what you need to do!” Drills = […]

2017: 80/20 Review

2017 review

It’s almost 2018! All hail the new year’s lads and lasses. Or something like that. The mass purchasing of new calendars always seems to put people into hopeful and ambitious moods. Gym memberships balloon past actual service limits and lofty new resolutions are cheerily volleyed over beers as people anticipate the good fortunes of a […]